Food Safety & COVID-19 Policy

Here's what we do to ensure the safety of your food.

Delectable Dining by Chef Gail observes all food safety handling procedures and all COVID-19 safety protocols in accordance with the CDC and local Health Department guidelines.

Chef Gail is a Certified Food Safety Manager and is certified by the Fairfax County Department of Environmental Health to prepare meals for public consumption.

We prepare our meals in a certified Commercial Kitchen/Commissary, located in Lorton, Virginia. We cool and store all prepared meals at the appropriate temperature until we are ready to deliver them to you. We seal each container with tamperproof seals/tape to preserve the freshness of the meal and to ensure safety.

We coordinate delivery day/time with you and our delivery person will deliver your meals in insulated bags to keep them safe during transportation.

We observe all COVID-19 Protocols so our delivery person will wear a mask, gloves, and if you request it, we will do a no-contact delivery. We will always ensure you take delivery of your order before departing the premises.